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Zion Man Gets Prison, But Remains Loose, Townhouse Fire in Hainesville Damages Units

Zion Man Gets Prison, Now He Has To Be Found
Vander Tuuk 6-1-21

(Waukegan, IL) A Zion man has been sentenced to prison for drug and weapons charges, but there is a problem. Brian Yarbor skipped out of several court dates after posting bond. Yarbor was found guilty of one count of manufacture and delivery of cocaine, and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. A Lake County Judge sentenced the 37-year-old despite him still not being in court, and warrants have now been issued for his arrest, If and when he is caught, Yarbor will be taken to the Department of Corrections to serve 19-years behind bars.

Townhouse Fire Leads to Big Damage, No Injuries
Vander Tuuk 6-1-21

(Hainesville, IL) A large fire in Hainesville left a townhouse complex with heavy damage. The blaze broke out on Sunday night around 11 o’clock along West Big Horn Drive. The fire itself damaged two townhouse units, while smoke and water damage was reported at four other units. No monetary damage estimate was released, and no injuries were reported to residents or firefighters. The cause of the blaze remains under investigation.

Illinois Passes 42-Billion Dollar Budget Plan
Vander Tuuk 6-1-21

(Springfield, IL) As has been tradition for the Illinois Legislature over the past year, a major bill has been passed under cover of darkness. This time is was a 42-billion dollar budget plan that Democrats say paints a rosier picture of the Illinois economy than expected. Legislative leaders say because of Covid relief bills signed by President Joe Biden, the state stands on better economic ground than it would have without that money. Illinois Republicans say the so-called “bailout” money helps, but that the new budget doesn’t address the real problems with the majority party’s fiscal habits. They say the budget gives out pay raises to legislators, continues reckless spending habits, and was passed in a way reminiscent of former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Coronavirus Monthly Stats
Vander Tuuk 6-1-21

(Chicago, IL) Illinois and Lake County saw a massive drop in Coronavirus cases in May, while deaths ticked up slightly. Statistics from the Illinois Department of Public Health show that May saw an average of 1518 cases per day, down from 3029 a day in April. Average deaths per day were up 6 in May to 28 per day. Covid-19 Hospitalizations statewide started the month at 1916, and ended at 1093 as of Monday. In Lake County, average cases fell from 123 a day in April to 68 a day, though average deaths bumped up from 0.7 a day to about 1 a day.

Illinois OKs Bill Banning Police Deception to Young Suspects
Associated Press 6-1-21

Springfield, Ill. (AP) Illinois has become the first state to pass a bill that will ban police from lying to youth during interrogations. The bill passed Sunday is expected to be signed into law by the governor in coming weeks. Police regularly deceive suspects during questioning to try to secure confessions, from saying DNA placed them at the scene of a crime to claiming eyewitnesses identified them as being the perpetrator. Interrogation experts say minors are especially vulnerable to such tactics and have been found to be two to three times more likely to confess to crimes they didn’t commit.

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