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Would You Be Willing To Play Pizza Roulette?

Would you be willing to play pizza roulette?

It’s not here in the states… yet, but something tells me this could become a new “game” to play especially in the college scene.  Who am I kidding? I would probably play this.

According to SoraNews24, Domino’s in Japan has introduced “Pizza Roulette”. What makes it so “deadly”? One slice of the pizza secretly has ghost pepper extract on it.

If you’ve ever wanted to play Russian roulette but without the whole “killing yourself” part, this could be a less deadly alternative.  It would definitely make for a good group social media video.

Clearly, you don’t need Domino’s to do this on your own.  Just get a pizza and get your hands on some ghost pepper extract.  All you have to do is put the extract on one of the slices and get the video rolling. Everyone who’s playing grabs a slice and eats it.  you’ll know pretty quick who “took the bullet”.  The tears will likely be rolling down the person’s face as they scramble for relief.

Japan has some rather interesting things they do and this is what Dominos is doing for Halloween over there.

So, I ask again.  Would you be willing to play Pizza Roulette? I would!

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