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World Record Waterslide

How would you like to go down a world record waterslide?

This country now boasts a great wall and a great waterslide. That’s right! if you want to experience this waterslide you’ll have to go to China to do it.

It has entered the Guinness Book of world records at almost 9,000 feet long.  That’s about a mile and a half long and it traverses a mountainside.

It is actually combining a waterslide with a rafting adventure.  Speeds reach up around 20 miles an hour and the adventure will last about an hour.  it is located in Lishui, China, which is about 400 miles south of Shanghai.

Would you do it?  I would in a heartbeat! The scenery would be beautiful I’m sure and I would get to add a world record waterslide run to my list of accomplishments.  I am so in!!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Waterslide Video

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