I have always been one for great quotes or words of wisdom.  Especially those that are more humorous in nature.  They put a smile on your face which, in turn, hopefully, makes your day better.  Some may be thought-provoking and others may just cause you to say AMEN!

I am on the hunt for these little nuggets and I hope to share as many as I can.  If you have any famous quotes, sayings, or personal mantras that you live by, please let me know.  I may share some of them, too, so fair warning.  We all need words of wisdom and perhaps, these little pearls of knowledge will help you get through your day a little better.

This quote comes from Reba McEntire and it is spot on in my world.  To wish for things could also be called hope for things yet to come.  Hope is necessary to survive.  Always keep dreaming.  A backbone is required to maintain a sense of self and it is needed when standing up for what you believe in.  It will garner respect from others.  A funny bone is vital!  I think this is the most important of them all.  A sense of humor and the ability to laugh even in the darkest times will allow you to always experience joy in life.

Be well!





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