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When boredom strikes be careful what you choose

When boredom strikes, be careful what you choose.

Boredom happens to me as I’m sure it does you as well. The hardest part is trying to decide what I’m going to do when faced with the need to occupy the time.

Do you try to balance a pencil on your nose? Do you play with shaving foam? what about taking a nap? Doing your nails? Maybe you doodle or draw.  Binge watch some Netflix… play a game on your phone… color.

I have a link below for you that has some safer activities that what this man decided to last week.

There was a security guard at a Bath and Body Works store in Waukesha, WI and on Friday morning, he decided it would be a good idea to put on a pair of handcuffs. Why? Because he was bored!

As you can imagine, things didn’t go as planned when he realized he didn’t have the keys.  He had left them at home.  He ended up having to call the police to set him free.

I think the best part of this story though is when after the officers unlocked the cuffs, the man had to hide them so he wouldn’t be tempted to DO IT AGAIN! That’s right… he admitted this wasn’t the first time he had restrained himself without keys.

So when boredom strikes, be careful what you choose to do about it.  I wouldn’t want to have to call the police and end up someone’s news story. Would you??


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