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What does drinking too much cost you?

What does drinking too much cost you? Well, outside of your dignity at times, it can actually cost you more than you think.

The most common things to lose when you’ve had too much are you phone, keys, and wallet/purse/cash.  It’s hard to know where you left those things especially when you’re inebriated, plastered, hammered, trashed, etc.  The cost can really add up.

A new study has revealed, on average, we lose $193 worth of stuff due to drunkenness EVERY YEAR.

One in ten lose something more precious and sentimental and sadly, 14% actually lose friends too.  I think that is the one that probably costs the most in the long run.

Below is a chart released by Laguna Treatment Hospital in a blog that shows the cost of being drunk by state. Illinois and Wisconsin are only a few cents apart while North Dakota takes the top spot.

So, what does drinking too much cost? Way too much.


Created by American Addiction Centers
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