I do enjoy me a turkey for the holiday’s. I mean, how do you not like all the great things you can make with the leftover’s too! Turkey from the deli is a great for a sandwich on occasion.

Just, these birds are, well, strange birds.

Gorgeous tom turkey or gobbler seems to pose for the camera against a beautiful forested background at the Elizabeth Morton Wildlife Preserve in Sag Harbor / Noyack, Long Island, NY.

My Father-In-Law, for many years, would raise turkeys specifically for the holiday feasts. Him and his buddies would raise somewhere around 20 of them every year. During the time that they were raised, they would always get into some type of trouble. Might have been that they would get out of their pen and jump on cars and make a mess all over them. They have been able to sneak behind someone as they went into the house or car. They would occasionally even end up with the chicken’s. I think it was because they wanted to try their food…even though it was virtually the same.

I always made sure that I remembered their purpose…food. Never got attached to them and enjoyed them during the holiday’s on my plate.

A friend of mine has a cabin deep into Wisconsin and there are plenty of wild turkey’s up that way. They do usually like to cross the road right in front of your car. They also stop and stare at you, that is, if you are even able to avoid hitting them.

With all of this said, I came across an article today that may change my mind about how I perceive these birds. In Indiana they must have not been to happy with a man, for whatever reason. He was leaving his house early in the morning and a group of turkey’s confronted and cornered the man in his garage for more than 30 minutes. He said they were aggressive. I don’t doubt it. They aren’t always the nicest, but they are also pretty scared of us. I have never been one-on-one with a wild turkey, but I’d like to believe I could take one on. I hope three. Man called the cops and the cops took care of the offenders.

Morale of the story…appreciate what is on your plate and not confronting you head on.

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