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Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer

The official trailer for Top Gun: Maverick has been released.

Tom Cruise revealed the trailer at Comic-Con yesterday.  It’s hard for me to believe 34 years will have gone by when this movie hit theaters next year.  I feel the need… the need for more speed!!

I was happy to learn Val Kilmer returns as “Iceman” and “Goose’s” son will join the cast being played by Miles Teller.  You will also be introduced to “Phoenix” and “Fritz”.

There will be NO CGI in this movie either.  When Tom Cruise introduced the trailer at Comic-Con, he said, “Everything you see here is for real.”

I am looking forward to seeing this movie very much!  It’ll be a while yet, but time will “fly by” I’m sure.  (See what I did there… 🙂  I just hope this sequel is as good as the first.

Top Gun: Maverick has a current release date set for June 26, 2020.  I hope you enjoy the trailer! I’ll see you in the theater!


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