Therapy Thursday (Is telling a “little white lie” OK?)


It’s Therapy Thursday! This weeks letter is from a listener who is telling a “little white lie” to his girlfriend! Some might say it is an “innocent” lie, you be the judge. Here is the letter…

Dear PBJ 5000,

I always hear you helping people on the radio so I wanted to write in and tell you about something I am struggling with. Is it okay to tell someone you like a white lie? It took me several months to get Ronda to even notice me. We’ve been out on several dates and are really starting to like one another. I haven’t been completely honest with her. She might be the world’s biggest Disney fan and in order to get close to her I have lied and told her I love Disney as well. Now, she is talking about taking a trip to Orlando together. She is so excited. I feel guilty about lying. Should I tell her the truth or keep up the ruse? Is it wrong what I am doing? No one is getting hurt!

Sincerely, Shifty in Schaumburg

What do you think? Can you help Shifty in Schaumburg? Comment below and tune into the #JimmyandLisaMorningShow to hear Dr. PBJ 5000 gives his best advice every Thursday on Therapy Thursday!



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