The big move to Gurnee Mills is getting real now.

We’ve been talking and planning for quite a long time.  We just celebrated the two-year anniversary of the flood that started this process and we can’t be more excited!

A few of us took a “field trip” to Gurnee Mills today to take a look at the walls that were constructed to hide the construction.  Those logos are enormous!!

We were also able to look in on the demolition as well.  It was hard to envision things while the previous stores still occupied the space but now, with it more open, it is much easier to visualize.

We are on the North end of the mall by Floor and Decor and right across from Rink Side.  The closest mall entrances to our new location will be G and H.  The stage is right next to us as well so that is a huge bonus!  We will be able to offer additional public entertainment in multiple forms.

The time frame is still a bit uncertain as to when we will actually take residence but we are hopeful all office and studio functions will be up and running by early 2020.  Maybe even sooner if good fortune is on our side.

Next time you’re in the mall, have someone take a picture of you in front of the logos on the wall and send them to us.  These are your stations too! We would love to celebrate our move to Gurnee Mills and the next chapter in our history along with you.