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The Big Bang Theory Comes To An End

The Big Bang Theory comes to an end tonight.  It is the end of an era.  After 12 seasons, the book closes on an epic journey that provided so many laughs.  In my house, we spout off one-liners from the show all the time. “You’re in my spot” is a regular one for me.  Whenever my son comes the to the house and knocks on the door, I yell out “are you a sex criminal?”  His natural response, “No one wants to do that to you Dad!”.

I have never had a show genuinely make me laugh this much.  I think FRIENDS and SEINFELD were the last two big shows that offered as much laughter as The Big Bang Theory.  The characters were portrayed outstandingly, the writing was great, the storylines were fun and the antics were noteworthy.

I still have some episodes to catch up on from this last season but that won’t stop me from watching tonight.  Whenever I’m searching for something on TV, I’m always happy to stop on an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

I am truly going to miss original episodes of this show.  Long live The Big Bang Theory re-runs! has put together everything you need to know before watching tonight.  Check out the video, click on the link and keep the tissues close as The Big Bang Theory era comes to an end.


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