Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month

If you or someone you know is in a crisis, please contact the

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

  • More than 47,500 American’s die by suicide each year.
  • Suicide is the 12th leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for 15 to 24 year old Americans.
  • Every day, approximately 125 Americans die by suicide.
  • That’s one suicide death in the US every 11.5 minutes.

These numbers are alarming, but together we can create positive change. September is National Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month — Join Leah & Guest throughout the month on our Facebook & YouTube Channel as they help spread the facts about suicide and educate others on how we can help those who may be struggling.

September 8th at 5p.m. Matt Thornton

“I am a 46 year old father of 4, detective, and patrolman. I am a former manic depressive, suicidal, dreadfully sinful cop who was desperately lost. I was as close to taking my own life as any cop has ever been until an unlikely encounter on night shift changed my entire life. I am now an advocate and living testimony of the desperate need for mental health training and openness in our profession. I teach in a monthly training course and my story has been shared with millions due to the graciousness of CBS, NBC, and ABC television. I have been blessed to be the founder of an outreach entitled “My Father’s Business” also known as MFB. MFB is designed to save lives like mine was saved. What started off as simply six young men in a small gym has now turned into a movement that has served hundreds and hundreds of Illinois youth. Through MFB we have been able to pour over $300,000 back into the community in 8 years of existence. We teach every youth who walks in our doors about God, hope, love, and we chip away at the barrier between the streets and the police. “

September 14th at 3p.m Paul Baffico

President and Founder
Lake County Veterans and Family Services Foundation, 501c3

September 22nd at 3p.m Janet Mason

The Lake County Suicide Prevention Task Force
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