Waukegan High School Student Stabbed in Bathroom By Fellow Student
Vander Tuuk 11-15-19

(Waukegan, IL) A Waukegan High School student was attacked in a bathroom, and stabbed. School officials say the incident happened Thursday around noon at the Washington Street Campus. A verbal altercation between the two students reportedly became physical, leading one student to stab the other with a “sharp object.” Both were taken to the hospital for treatment. The issue is being investigated by District 60 and the Waukegan Police. No further information about the suspect, nor victim has been released.

Plea Deal in Mundelein Shooting Case
Vander Tuuk 11-15-19

(Waukegan, IL) A Mundelein man is on his way to prison after a plea deal in connection with an incident earlier this year. Steven Dehoyos was accused of breaking into a home back in July, and confronting someone with a gun. The 23-year-old discharged the weapon, but a push from the targeted victim caused the bullet to miss. Dehoyos was then disarmed by someone else in the home, and held for police. A guilty plea to one count of home invasion was entered, getting attempted murder and aggravated battery charges dropped in exchange. Dehoyos was hit with 15-years in prison.

Former Mundelein Trustee’s Trial Delayed As Plea Deal Sought
Vander Tuuk 11-15-19

(Waukegan, IL) The burglary trial of a former Mundelein trustee has been pushed back. Dakotah Norton was charged with burglary and misdemeanor battery back in August. Norton is accused of going into an ex-girlfriend’s home and stealing some items…then pushing a child as he left. The 29-year-old’s lawyer asked for a delay on Thursday, saying they needed more time to work out a possible plea deal. The judge agreed, pushing trial back to March. Norton is due for a status hearing in mid-January.

Gurnee to Vote on Marijuana Next Week
Vander Tuuk 11-15-19

(Gurnee, IL) The Gurnee Village Board is expected to vote on recreation marijuana next week. Gurnee’s Mayor Kristina Kovarik told the “Daily Herald” on Thursday that trustees will likely vote against allowing sales in the Village. That tactic is allowed, though residents of Gurnee will still be allowed to possess recreational marijuana in certain quantities when it becomes legal on January.

State Senate President Cullerton to retire in January
Associated Press/Vander Tuuk 11-15-19

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) Democratic state Senate President John Cullerton has announced he’s stepping down from the Illinois Legislature. Cullerton said Thursday night in a statement that his retirement will be effective sometime in January and that he is fulfilling a promise to his wife, Pam. Cullerton was elected state senate president in 2009 and has been in the Illinois Senate since 1991. He was elected in 1978 to the Illinois State House. He unsuccessfully ran against then-U.S. Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, a Democrat, in 1994. Cullerton leaves in the wake of two fellow Senate Democrats being under federal investigation. Cullerton has been under growing scrutiny for his handling of those investigations, and for not asking either of the Senators to step down.