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Wes and Leah have been hosting mornings on 1023XLC since 2019 and they have been helping you wake up since! Leah has lived in Lake County her whole life and has three kids, four, if you count her Hubby (who is her high school sweetheart). Leah loves shopping, cooking, and talking. She is known around the station as "Leah Loud" and will talk your ear off about everything and nothing if you give her the chance. You've been warned. Leah is outdoorsy when she has the time enjoying a drink and a fire. Wes has been doing radio for a lot of since the 90's...he started to originally meet girls. He likes white teeth, but hates Ombre hair. Wes and his wife have traveled all over the world as much as possible and intends on keeping that trend up! His perfect day includes a backyard patio and a red hot grill!

Wes & Leah

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