(Chicago, IL) Governor JB Pritzker has issued a “shelter in place” order for the State of Illinois. The order doesn’t mean you are stuck in your home completely. Grocery stores, gas stations, and some other essential businesses will be open, and if your business is still open for work, you may work with proper social distancing protocol. The order simply means that you should stay at home as often as possible, and only leave for necessary errands. Roads, including expressways and tollways will remain open. The order will go into place on Saturday at 5 PM. The Governor’s action also paves the way for schools to stay closed until at least April 8th, if not longer. Another death was also announced this afternoon, a Cook County woman in her 70’s, bringing the state total to 5. Overall the state now stands at 585 cases…there have also been 3,701 negative tests.