Halloween is coming up fast! Can’t believe it is only 42 days away! Are you going to dress up? My Daughter wants my wife and me to dress up as characters from a cartoon she likes. I’d share what it is, but I can’t keep up with her. I’m not opposed, but I suppose we should figure it out soon.

When my wife was younger, she never dressed in any of the “sexy” type costumes. Not that I would have been against it or anything, but it just wasn’t her thing. I know that it isn’t planned this year either. I also know that dressing up as a sexy Mr. Rogers wouldn’t even cross her mind…thankfully.

Yep. This is a thing. I know that every year there is some costume that goes viral and they are expecting this to sell out quickly! I remember that there was a “sexy” Crocodile Hunter costume shortly after he lost his life that was in extremely poor taste. This might be pretty close to that one.


It is called the Nicest Neighbor Costume and you can pick it up for $59.99. They have a lot of other costumes that could create some buzz at the Halloween party you might be going to.

Howabout the Beyond Burger Costume?

You can wear whatever you want. Doesn’t even matter if I get offended. It is up to you and I won’t infringe on that as long as you aren’t bugging me about it. If you want to go as a meatless burger or a TV character that was never intended on being sexy, you do you.

Happy Halloween!

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