Several Arrested After Damaging Lindenhurst School, K9 Dax Helps in Capture

(Lindenhurst, IL)  The Lake County Sheriff’s K9 squad is at it again. Police in Lindenhurst say they were called to a school break-in during the pre-dawn hours of Sunday. Officers arrived to find several people fleeing the area, and they called in Deputy John Forlenza and K9 Dax to assist them. The pair were able to track some suspects to a home about a mile and a half away…while others were apprehended near the original crime scene. Five people in total were taken into custody, though none have been identified, nor have charges been announced. Authorities say the group did serious damage to the B.J. Hooper School, and some construction equipment outside.

Tim Vander Tuuk, WXLC News (6-14-22)