If you are a fan of the Ellen DeGeneres show, you know she likes to scare her guests from time to time.  I, myself, have been known to pull a scare-prank from time to time.  Sometimes the results are quite funny and sometimes not so funny.

I came across this video today and, I have to be honest, I thought of doing something similar.  What, ironically, scares me about this is retaliation.  Ellen has a controlled environment.  Her studio.  Also, her guests are even prepared for something like this to happen.  When you’re doing it in public, especially in a conceal and carry state, you might be taking your life into your hands.

Still, the video I found today did make me laugh a bit and I’m glad most of the people took it well.  Be careful if you decide to try something likes this yourself.  I would hate to read about a scare prank gone wrong.

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