How would you like a Christmas present wrapped in sausage-scented wrapping paper thanks to Jimmy Dean?  Something tells me that would drive your pets crazy and they wouldn’t last long under your tree.

It’s a real thing. Jimmy Dean did it last year too.  If you missed out, it’s pretty easy to get not only sausage-scented wrapping paper but also sausage-flavored candy canes.

But wait… there’s more!  They also have sausage lip balm.  If you’re not into the whole sausage thing, they have other non-sausage-infused things too.  Cowboy boot slippers, socks, and an ornament.

It’s the Jimmy Dean “recipe gift exchange”.  Just go to their website,, pick a recipe to cook, submit a photo and choose a prize.  Everything is FREE until they run out.

Don’t worry if you’re not the greatest in the kitchen.  It doesn’t have to be a complicated recipe in order to cash in.  One of the options is just sausage and eggs.

So what do you say?  Do you want to drive your family and friends crazy with sausage-scented wrapping paper thanks to Jimmy Dean? It might be worth it just to see their reaction.  They will probably be sniffing that paper all Christmas morning.  I bet I know what you’ll be eating at some point that day as well.


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