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Random facts and useless knowledge

Are you a fan of random facts and useless knowledge? I am! I have all kinds of little tidbits of stashed away in boxes in the basement of my brain. Every now and then, they come in handy, especially when a trivia night comes along.

Here is some of the randomness I found for today.

1.  Your head actually ages faster than your feet. It’s measured in nanoseconds but it’s due to the fact your head is just that much closer to the Earth’s gravitational field.

2.  Which European country is the largest? It’s Ukraine.  It measures in at about 22,000 square miles more than France.

3.  Did you know it is legal to own a flamethrower in 48 states? The only two states that have deemed flamethrowers illegal are California and Maryland.  In those states, you will have to kill spiders with a shoe. Sorry.

4. I’m sure you know the song “YMCA” by the Village People, right? The arm movements were not a part of the song originally.  They were performing on “American Bandstand” in 1979 and the audience started doing them on their own.  After that, they decided to incorporate them into their performances, and now, if you DON’T go through the motions, you’re the weird one

And finally…

5.  Hallmark had owned Crayola since 1984.

Don’t you feel better now that you’ve read and absorbed all those random facts and useless knowledge? Tuck it all away and save it for that ONE DAY when your brain says, “I’ve got a box in the basement that might interest you.”

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