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Potentially Worst Baby Names For 2019

The potentially worst baby names for 2019 has been released by Parents Magazine.

We all know celebrities can come up with some strange names for their kids. If you have named one of your kids any of these, I apologize and mean no offense.  Just know, it will likely not turn out well for them in school and they will never find a key chain with their name on it.

The list is as follows:

The Boys

Kingmessiah (all one word)

Yugo (yes… like the car)

Manson (Hopefully not after Charles)

Pinches ( I wonder what will happen when this one gets to school)

Xxayvier ( Because one X isn’t enough)

Cletus (I reserve comment)

Danger (I thought that was a middle name)

Stylez (Because the Z makes it cooler)


The Girls

Mattel (Don’t toy with her)

Cyncere (Really?)

Chardonnay ( I prefer a Merlot)

Starlett (ok… maybe)

Blaykelee (I got nothing here)

Any (if their last name is One it would be perfect)

Vegas (What happens in Vegas now stays with Vegas?)


So what do you think? Would you agree these are potentially the worst baby names of 2019? Again, I’m sorry if one of these is yours but whatever happened to Steve or James or Sandra or Michelle? Those are good names too… and you can get them key chains!

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