Melodie Gliniewicz Case Gets Another Twist Ahead of Late February Trial
Gliniewicz booking photo released by Lake County Sheriff's Office

(Waukegan, IL)  Attorneys for the widow of a now deceased Fox Lake police officer are looking into the firing of a former official who reportedly broke their case wide open. Ann Marrin was a former Fox Lake administrator who uncovered the alleged embezzlement that reportedly led to the suicide of officer Joe Gliniewicz in September of 2015. His wife Melodie is accused of helping him in his financial schemes. Her lawyers say they attempted to find, but were unsuccessful in locating documents about Marrin’s recent termination, which was reportedly due to her creating a so-called toxic work environment. Fox Lake officials say they turned over all relevant documentation, despite an accusation they were holding things back. Gliniewicz is expected to go on trial next month.

Tim Vander Tuuk, WXLC News (1-25-22)