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Little girl chased in her front yard by a coyote

Did you hear about this little girl being chased in her front yard by a coyote a couple of days ago?

She is five years old and she lives in Villa Park. She was playing in her front yard when a coyote came down the street and then into her yard. At that point, it began to pursue her.

Luckily she was OK but she said it “almost bit her rib”.  She was able to safely make it to her front porch and into the house to avoid a worse confrontation. Her Dad came out afterward to check on things but the coyote had moved back on the street.

It’s a fact that coyotes have become more and more daring in recent years, especially in suburban settings. Family pets are even being attacked and carried away at times.

When my wife left this morning for coffee, she called me to say she saw a coyote crossing the street right near a busy intersection in Kenosha.  Sometimes at night, I can hear a pack of them running along the road outside our house. You used to only worry if you lived in rural areas. Now, if you’re near woods or farmland, it’s best to always keep a watchful eye on your surroundings.

I would hate for your little girl or any family member to be chased by a coyote in your front yard so stay safe.

Video Of Little Girl Being Chased By Coyote

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