All I can say is, it must have been his very first robbery. Hopefully, he doesn’t learn anything from it though.

A surveillance camera at a motel in Kentucky recorded a robbery at a motel in Kentucky.  The burglar wants money from the cash drawer so he points a gun at the clerk at the front desk.  The clerk then begins to literally throw handfuls of cash on the counter making it hard for the burglar to collect.  This next part is why I say it must have been his very first robbery.  (Insert “Dueling Banjos” music here)


He decides he needs to put the gun down in order to grab all the cash strewn out on the counter so he SETS the gun down ON the counter.  The clerk seizes the moment and grabs the gun!  The burglar quickly retreats out of the lobby only to return to try and get the gun back.  The clerk simply points the gun at the burglar again and he scrambles off with the cash he was able to snag.

This is one time I hope someone DOES NOT learn from their mistake.

First Time Robbery Perhaps

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