Apparently the University of Tennessee at Knoxville conducted a study that reveals that arguing is good for couples. The title is a bit of a joke, but of course, every couple argues. My wife and I really don’t very much, but it happens.

Researcher Amy Rauer tells the Daily Mail, “Happy Couples tend to take a solution oriented approach, and this is clear even in the topics that they choose to discuss. If couples couples feel they can work together to resolve their issues, it may give them the confidence to move on to tackling more difficult issues. Being able to successfully differentiate between issues that need to be resolved versus those that can be laid aside for now may be on of the keys to a long-lasting, happy relationship.”

Not sure about all of that, but I do think it is something healthy. I knew a couple that never argued. They would admit it too. After kids and marriage they argue now. Ha. I laugh because talking with my buddy, he says their relationship is better and stronger than it ever was. Maybe arguing is the key to a successful marriage. Even if everything isn’t resolved during the argument.

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