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How Do People Get Extra Cash for the Holidays?

A new survey commissioned by Self and conducted by OnePoll asked people how they get extra cash for the holidays.

So what is it that people are doing this year or what do they normally do to save some extra cash to afford presents, trips, food, and all of the additional costs that come up during the holiday season?

Here are the top 10 answers:

  1. Take extra shifts at work: 33%
  2. Open a store credit card: 31%
  3. Taken second/part time job: 31%
  4. Started a side hustle: 29%
  5. More conscious of electric, heat, etc.: 29%
  6. Opened a new credit card: 29%
  7. Cut back on dining out: 27%
  8. My partner and I did not buy gifts for other: 27%
  9. Used public transportation: 26%
  10. Skipped vacation that year: 25%

James Garvey, the CEO of Self said, “One way to cut down on spending is to draw names from a hat and have each person give just one gift, rather than buying separate presents for everyone. Or offer to host and provide food as your gift, but not extra presents. A little creativity might be just as well appreciated and keep you from adding to your debt.”


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