High Speed Chase Suspect Escapes in Zion
Vander Tuuk 11-12-19

(Zion, IL) A weekend high speed chase that started in Wisconsin ended with a homicide suspect escaping in Lake County. Authorities say the chase kicked off around 11 o’clock on Saturday night in Kenosha County, eventually crossing into Zion, where the suspect fled on foot. Despite setting up a perimeter, and using K9’s for tracking, the male subject was able to get away. No further details about the suspect, or the chase have been released…and there have been no updates from either side of the border.

Navy Recruit’s Mother Wants 2nd Autopsy After Training Death
Associated Press/Vander Tuuk 11-12-19

CHICAGO (AP) The mother of a Navy recruit who died earlier this year after running at Naval Station Great Lakes, is seeking a second autopsy. Kenya Evans says the Navy discovered that her daughter, Kierra, possessed the sickle cell trait during a medical test. Most who have it do not experience symptoms of sickle cell disease — which can sometimes lead to a fatal condition that causes blood cells to deform and clog blood vessels. Those symptoms, however, have been known to emerge during rigorous exercise. Evans, an Alabama native, was said to be running a times training back in February, when she vomited, collapsed and died. The timetable for her to be exhumed and re-examined is uncertain.

Lobbying By Sitting Illinois Lawmakers Under Scrutiny
Associated Press 11-12-19

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) A federal bribery charge against an Illinois legislator has led to questions about whether or not lawmakers should be allowed to lobby other units of government. Former State Rep. Luis Arroyo was charged last month with attempting to bribe a sitting State Senator to support his so-called sweepstakes gambling legislation…while at the same time representing a sweepstakes company before the Chicago City Council. Other current lawmakers are registered to lobby in Chicago, as well…representing law firm clients or businesses seeking licenses. Gov. J.B. Pritzker is promising to seek stronger ethics laws, including a possible ban on outside lobbying. House Republicans have already produced a package that includes such a ban.