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Has The Movie Theater “Pre-Show” Become Too Much

Going to the movies is usually a good time. Lately, I have to ask, has the movie theater “pre-show become too much?

I think it’s great to see the previews of the new movie releases hitting theaters but how much is too much?

There was a recent survey saying 59% of Americans say the ideal number of trailers shown before the feature presentation should be one to three.  21% say four to six.  2% say nine to ten. 1% say ten to twelve. 1% say twelve or more. 5%, however, say they would prefer no trailers be played at all.

According to the “Hollywood Reporter”, the ‘pre-show is somewhere around 15-20 minutes long.  It begins at the advertised start time of the feature presentation and includes seven to eight trailers, safety instructions, theater rules, concession promos, and third-party commercials. With movie runtimes on the rise, you’re now in a theater for 3.5 hours or more.

Now that I’ve given you some details, do you think the movie theater pre-show become too much?

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Info Source: Wise Brothers Media

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