Is getting married in the bathroom weird? Not for this couple…

We are celebrating the 10th annual Lake County Bridal Show all weekend long at 102.3 XLC! Over 50+ vendors will help your wedding go smoothly unlike this recent video from showing a New Jersey couple getting married in a courthouse bathroom…

The groom’s mother suffered an asthma attack, but the show must go on! Brian and Maria Schultz tied the knot as medics administered oxygen to his mother. The couple went ahead with their wedding because they would have had to have waited 45 days for a new marriage license. Brian’s mother is doing fine.

Do you know someone, who had their wedding at an unusual or weird location? Where did it take place? What funny things happened during the ceremony? Comment Below!

Plan your big day with over 50 vendors at the 10th annual Lake County Bridal Show this Sunday January 28th from 12pm-3pm at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Libertyville-Mundelein!



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