Final Instructions Issued for Evidence in Rittenhouse Trial

MADISON, Wis. (AP)  A Kenosha judge has set the final ground rules for what evidence will be allowed at the upcoming Kyle Rittenhouse trial. The former Antioch teen is facing murder charges and more, in the deaths of two people, and the wounding of one during August 2020 protests and riots over the Jacob Blake police shooting. Judge Bruce Schroeder during a hearing Monday ruled that defense attorneys could introduce video of police thanking Rittenhouse for protecting city businesses and offering him water. Schroeder also ruled that the defense would be allowed to use “looter,” “rioter” and other words to describe those who were shot, but that they could not be referred to as “victims” during the trial. A defense use-of-force expert can also testify, but only about how quickly the shootings occurred.

Associated Press and Tim Vander Tuuk, WXLC News (10-26-21)