Came across this new trend that kids are doing.  It’s called the, “Shell-On Challenge”.  They are eating all sorts of things that they aren’t supposed to.  Banana peels, candy wrappers, cardboard, plastic, any type of packaging, organic or not.  What?  Why?  Is this the parent part of me that is yelling, “Stop!” when I read things like this?  Wait…maybe it is just me getting old and I don’t understand today’s youth.  Nope!  This is just dumb.

When I was a kid, the worst thing I had to worry about was eating my vegetables and I wasn’t getting egged on by my friends to do it!

We had a girl that worked here a while back that would eat cupcake wrappers and lollipop sticks.  She did it because nobody told her not to growing up…or something…I dunno, but it wasn’t happening because of a challenge!

Emily, you’re one of my favorites.  Hope you have put the wrappers down…

…idiot…Even animals know to remove the shells!

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