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Chilled Drink Calculator! (It’s science!)

The Chilled Drink Calculator, is based on Newton’s Law of Cooling.  You just have to enter these five things . . .


1.  The type of booze you’re chilling . . . beer, wine, or liquor.

2.  The type of container it’s in . . . whether it’s in a can or a glass bottle.

3.  Where you’ve been storing it . . . like if it’s been at room temperature, or sitting outside on a hot day.

4.  How you’re chilling it . . . in the fridge, freezer, or ice water.

5.  How cold you want to get it.  Then it lists optimal temperatures for different drinks.


Once you enter that stuff, it spits out a number.  Like, if you put a warm can of Bud Light in the fridge, it’ll take 40 minutes to hit an ideal temperature of 43 degrees.  Or if it’s a bottle of champagne, 2 hours and 24 minutes to hit 48 degrees.


Just google the phrase “Chilled Drink Calculator,” and it should be the top result.  It also works for water, juice, and soda.

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