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Bill and Ted 3: Face The Music

Bill and Ted are coming back to the big screen??  At age 50??

I am hopeful this sequel plays out like most trilogies.  Usually, the first movie is great, then the second falls short and doesn’t live up to the first. Finally, the third redeems the series.  The original Star Wars trilogy comes to mind as does Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones, however, made a fourth movie that was just as bad as the second.  Star Wars at least kept going and hit a couple more home runs with the continuing saga of good vs evil.

Sequels are hard to pull off.  The expectation is so high and, unfortunately, they usually miss the mark.  Just like in life, you can do 10 great things but it only takes one bad thing to taint what came before and what comes after.  Everyone remembers the one bad thing but reminders are required to remember the good ones.  As the saying goes, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch.  When fans talk about how great the first movie was, the conversation quickly goes to how bad the follow up was.  It takes someone saying, “…remember this” or “…remember that” to try and bring the honor back so-to-speak.

I do have my concerns with Bill and Ted 3.  Their Excellent Adventure was “excellent”!! (I’m hoping you just said that like they did in the movie.) Their second movie was definitely death warmed over.  For movie number 3, I hope the original writers can hit a home run allowing the boys to successfully Face The Music.  We’ll find out together in 2020.  It should be interesting, to say the least, seeing these two reprise their roles.  I’ll see you at the theater!  Until then, be excellent to each other… and PARTY ON DUDES!!

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