Beach Park Murder Suspect Declared Fit, Pleads Not Guilty
Vander Tuuk 12-12-19

(Waukegan, IL) A Beach Park murder suspect has been declared mentally fit to stand trial. George Bryce is accused of killing his father with garden shears after an argument back in July. The defense asked for a mental fitness exam in August, and the 21-year-old was declared mentally able to stand trial on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Bryce was officially arraigned on three counts of 1st degree murder…he pleaded not guilty to each count. Bryce is currently being held on a 2-million-dollar bond, and trial has been set for April.

Search Warrant Leads to Drugs, Arrest
Vander Tuuk 12-12-19

(Zion, IL) The Lake County Sheriff’s Office and Zion police have announced a drug arrest. A search warrant was served on Wednesday morning in the 28-hundred block of Galilee Avenue. Inside, investigators recovered over 60 grams of heroin and arrested Andrew Thomas. The investigation into the 37-year-old documented street gang member was said to take place over the better part of a month. He now faces charges of possession and intent to deliver. Bond was set at 150-thousand-dollars.

Wildwood Man Caught Stealing on Camera, Steals Camera
Vander Tuuk 12-12-19

(Wildwood, IL) A Wildwood man has been arrested, after allegedly burglarizing a neighbor’s home. Lake County Sheriff’s officials say they were called Tuesday about a man being caught on security camera stealing cash from the residence. The thief also stole an interior security camera hoping to cover his tracks, but the footage of his crime had already been saved into the “cloud.” Carlos Zelaya, a neighbor of the victims, was then arrested Wednesday and has been charged with residential burglary. His bond was set at 200-thousand-dollars.

Teen Arrested for Threats Against Private School
Vander Tuuk 12-12-19

(Lake Forest, IL) A Beach Park teen has been arrested, after alleged threats against a Lake Forest private school. Authorities say Marshell Rockwell is accused of leveling both verbal and social media threats against Connections Academy East. The 18-year-old is also accused of contacting several people, in an attempt to purchase a gun, though police say he was unsuccessful. Rockwell now faces one count of felony disorderly conduct. Bond was set at 50-thousand-dollars.

Buffalo Grove Firefighter Pension Issue Heads to Appellate Court
Vander Tuuk 12-12-19

(Buffalo Grove, IL) The issue over the pension of a deceased Buffalo Grove firefighter will be decided in an Appellate Court. Kevin Hauber died of colon cancer in 2018, and the fight over his pension has been raging ever since. The family argues that they are entitled to 100% of the pension, saying the cancer was caused by the inherent dangers of the job…the village disagrees and says the family is only entitled to 75% of Hauber’s final salary. Last year, Buffalo Grove’s Firefighters’ Pension Board ruled in favor of the family and the full pension, a decision that was upheld earlier this year…but the village appealed. There is no specific timetable on when the higher court will rule.

Immigration Attorneys Urge Caution With New Marijuana Law
Associated Press 12-12-19

CHICAGO (AP) Legal experts are warning non-citizen immigrants to exercise caution before Illinois legalizes recreational marijuana in a few weeks. Several groups, including the American Immigration Lawyers Association, say while it’ll be legal in Illinois in January, it’s still banned federally. That means using marijuana, possessing it or profiting from it could lead to deportation or detention. The organizations held a news conference Wednesday in Chicago and are planning a workshop next week.