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Are You “Young” or “Old” for Your Job?

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A new Calculator will help find out if your TOO OLD or TOO OLD for your job!

You enter your age and job title, and it tells you how much older or younger you are than the average worker in your position.  And it’s got stats for a bunch of different jobs.  (For example, they say the average radio DJ is 42.)

They also figured out the careers with the oldest and youngest workers, on average.

The youngest are people in the military, where the average is 31 years old.  The rest of the top five young-person jobs are dancers and choreographers, 32 . . . bartenders, 36 . . . law clerks, 36 . . . and veterinary assistants, 37.

Tool and die makers are the oldest at an average of 50 years old.  Followed by postal service clerks, just under 50 . . . CEOs, 49 . . . politicians, 49 . . . and bus drivers, 49.

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