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Are you “Micro-cheating” without even realizing it?

The question is: Are you “Micro-cheating” without even realizing it?

That’s a term that is new to me.  “Micro-cheating” is, for the most part, doing small, sometimes subtle things that “flirt” with infidelity, but never turn physical.

100,000 people were asked what constitutes micro-cheating and here is what they said.

3% said following an ex on social media was cheating.

8% said deleting an app like Tinder from your phone, but not deleting your account counted as cheating.

54% said meeting up with someone, and claiming it’s work-related when it isn’t is cheating.  42% said it was just a bit suspicious.

If you send a heart, kiss, or wink emoji in a flirty way, 49% say that is cheating, 43% say it’s concerning, but 8% actually said it’s OK.

Do you have a “work wife” or “work husband?”  19% say that’s cheating.  31% say it’s fine.  The remaining 50% said they just feel a little bit weird about it.

What about staying in touch with an ex?  14% say yes, it’s cheating.

Have you confided in someone you’re attracted to, instead of your significant other?  It’s cheating according to 25% of the people surveyed.

Lastly, and this one I think is the most obvious, sexting someone else, but not getting physical with them.  91% say that is absolutely cheating.

So, now that you’ve read those statistics, are you micro-cheating without even realizing it? If so, you might want to rethink your behavior.


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