Weather Alert

1023XLC 2013 Flood

Today is the 6th anniversary of the 1023XLC 2013 Flood.  Heavy rains came down which caused the retention pond to our north to overflow its banks.  This particular flood wasn’t as bad as others so there wasn’t as much damage.  The waters barely got inside but it was enough to force us to rip up the carpet. It also required some restoration help from our friends at Rainbow Restoration in Waukegan.

If you’ve been a part of the station history, then you know the building has flooded quite a few times.  I have been a part of 3 of them as an employee.  My first was in 1993.  That one was pretty bad too.  Then there was this one you see in pictures from 2013.  Most recently was the 2017 flood that turned out to be the worst in station history.  We are still dealing with the aftermath of that one.

Exciting new things are on the horizon though. We are hoping the 2017 flood was the last we will ever experience.  God willing and the creek (or the pond in this case) don’t rise.

If you think about, raise a glass to all those that worked so hard to keep the stations on the air that day in 2013.   Here’s to a dry and uneventful 2019!

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