Therapy Thursday (Do you exchange gifts on Valentines Day?)


This weeks Therapy Thursday is about celebrating Valentines day! This weeks listener wants to celebrate V-day and her husband doesn’t. Do you celebrate the holiday? Here is the letter…

Dear PBJ 5000,

My husband of five years stunned me last night when he informed me that he will not be getting me a Valentine’s Day present nor does he want one. He says he hates the holiday because couples should show each other love everyday rather than just one day per year. What woman doesn’t want a Valentine’s Day gift? I disagreed with him and told him it’s a special day and that we need to celebrate it as the culmination of all of our love. He still disagrees with me and calls Valentine’s Day a ‘Hallmark holiday.’ Who’s right – me or him? Should couples still exchange gifts?

Sincerely, Get me Something in Gurnee

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