Jason Cornell

  • Monday-Friday 7:00pm-12:00am

Jason Cornell Nights from 7 pm – Midnight

Before 1989 I had no clue I would be in radio. I went to CLC before I started my internship.  The second my internship started and the on-air light went on, I fell in love with the business and dropped all other plans to pursue this incredible opportunity.  I’ve been in radio on and off in the Chicago/Milwaukee area since.

My goals have been to make a real difference in the community and in a listeners day.  Whether it’s with community projects, fundraisers, severe weather updates or making someone smile, I try to make a difference everyday.  Three things I can’t life without are God, family & friends… in that order.  I’m a bit of a sci-fi geek so don’t start talking about Star Trek TNG, or Stargate SG-1 around me unless you’re ready for a nerd-off.  I really enjoy the Man vs. Food series and Hell’s Kitchen.  I got married to my highschool sweetheart in 1999 while in Ocho Rios Jamaica.  I have a son named Josh, and two cats named Rosemary and Payton.  My favorite sport is football, Go Bears!




The rubix cube is packed, the flux capacitor is fluxing, and it‘s time to jump into the time machine with Totally 80’s at 8 pm – all 80’s – all hour long with Jason Cornell!