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Haynes Johns - Afternoons from 3-7PM

Haynes Johns has been in the Chicagoland market since 1998, and doing afternoons on 1023XLC since 2005.  He loves the bike paths, fairs & festivals, and all the great restaurants across Lake County.  He is a huge fan of music, which explains his infectious enthusiasm when he’s on the air from 3-7 weekday afternoons, as he dishes up all things pop culture, while playing Lake County’s Best Variety on the ride home, including Haynes’ Happy 5 @ 5!


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Were you listening?  Is so, you have your chance to win big with Haynes Johns and "What Did Jimmy & Lisa Say".    How is it played you ask?  Simple!  Haynes Johns asks you a question about what Jimmy & Lisa were talking about earlier this morning, and the first caller to answer correctly wins!



Join Haynes Johns weekdays for his Happy 5 at 5! Haynes brings you 5 feel good songs for the ride home to help you relax and unwind at 5 o'clock quitin' time.


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