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Top Ten Reasons Men "Tune Out"

Dec 17, 2014 -- 8:09am

In case you 'tuned out' this morning, Lisa discussed the top 10 reasons men tune out and how long it takes them

There are certain topics that make men tune out and it only takes 6 minutes.  Here, we visit the top 10 topics that make a man’s brain shut down.

Most couples have communication issues.  Knowing what makes a man tune out may make it easier to communicate with one.

A new study proves to the world that men tune out after 6 minutes.  These are reasons that help him to do just that.

1.  When you talk about people he’s never met.

2.  When you talk about coworkers and other work issues.

3.  Talking about celebrities will make a man tune out.  Especially when women talk about reality stars.

4.  Fashion and shopping

5.  Talking about other peoples relationships will drive a wedge between you and your man.

6.  What someone said or did on Facebook.

7.  Horoscopes.

8.  What you had for lunch will not matter to your man, so don’t discuss it.

9.  Unfortunatly, your feelings will bore a man.

10.  Dieting.


Wing - Single Ladies

Dec 15, 2014 -- 8:09am

Prepare yourselves to hear the best version of 'Single Ladies'.....Move over Beyonce. 


Beard Ornaments

Dec 15, 2014 -- 8:07am

Obnoxious holiday sweaters are popular again - right? Nope. Sorry. We're already past those five minutes. Grey, the fancy London ad agency, says the time has arrived for Beard Baubles - men hanging little, tiny ornaments in their beards. 



Tis the season!

Dec 11, 2014 -- 5:22am

Little Girl Lets Cow Inside The House

Dec 03, 2014 -- 6:06am

Watch this cute little girl try to explain to her mother why she let the cow inside the house


Teens See Nintendo For The First Time

Dec 03, 2014 -- 6:01am

Want to feel old? Well, check out these teens trying to figure out how a Nintendo works


Amazing App Discussed on 'Tech Talk' This morning

Dec 02, 2014 -- 8:02am

Looking at your phone the morning after a drunken night of debauchery is easily one of the most soul-destroying feelings ever. Most of us are probably all too familiar to waking up with the questions “What did I send last night?” and “Who did I call last night?” swirling around in our heads.

Thankfully, a new(ish) app is here to save us from that doom and despair. It’s called Drunk Mode and it’s about to be your new best friend.

It all started when University of Virginia alum Joshua Anton received a late night call from a girl who he said “probably wouldn’t have said those same things if she was sober.” Dude, we’ve all been there before. That’s when he came up with the idea for a magical app that lets drinkers have a fun, safe, and somewhat non-regrettable night.

He recruited a team of coders and launched Drunk Mode as a free app in 2013. It racked up 10,000 downloads in its first year, and it’s now close to 100,000 downloads total.

So what exactly does the app do? Let’s break down its most important features:

Stop Drunk Dialing- This feature hides select contacts so you can’t dial them for up to 12 hours.

Find My Drunk- We all have that friend who somehow manages to flee when they’re drunk. This feature lets you track your friend’s locations so you can keep tabs on them and make sure they’re safe.

Breadcrumbs- This feature uses GPS tracking to keep track of where you go during the course of your night. So the next morning, you can look at your route and remember where you stumbled upon that life-changing late night taco stand.

Snapchat recover- This one is legendary — it allows you to recover all the Snapchats you sent the night before. Right now it’s only available for Android users but it’s expected to roll out for iOS users by spring.

Anton says his team is working on a couple new features, like one that tells you the best deals at bars in your area and another one that hooks you up with a ride home from services like Uber and Lyft.

Overall, Drunk Mode sounds like a pretty feasible way to get drinkers — especially college students, which remain the app’s focused population — to keep track of their nights out.

Check out the app in action here:


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