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Lux the crazy 22-lb Cat

Mar 12, 2014 -- 5:47am

"I should not have kicked him, which I did barefoot and not even hard, but I don't believe in hitting animals," 

Photo: (AP Photo/Lee Palmer)

The news and internet was set ablaze when the story of a 22-lb Himalayan cat scratched it's way into the headlines.  Lux, who has a bit of a temper, decided to lay siege on his owners when his master, or should we say "minion", Lee Palmer gave him a light boot following an altercation between the cat and Lee's seven-month old son. The cat, not to happy for being kicked, allegedly flipped out and began attacking everyone in the room which led to the family barracading themselves in a bedroom and calling the cops. 

Following the domestic dispute, Lee went on to say he won't get rid of Lux, but rather he'll make adjustments to keep the cat and child separated from one another all while giving him more space, and more treats, with hopes that this alone will be enough to pacify the large kitty... That is... for now...

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