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Aug 12, 2013 -- 5:00am

Nerd News

Here's a cool nerdie quip.  Have you ever wondered what internet usage looks like for the entire planet?  Geekologie recently posted this animated gif from Carna Botnet which looks at ping requests to chart site traffic during hours where there's sunlight, and hours when it's dark.  Pretty neat huh?!

How do you embarrass your children?

23.5% said, "Baby bathtub pictures... need I say more?"

25.4% said, "Leave a status message on their profile when they leave their Facebook open on the computer."

17.6% said, "Chaperon their school dance."

23.5% said, "Show up to the school dance wearing a t-shirt with their picture on it."

5.9% said, "Lets just say they aren't too impressed by my sweet dance moves when they have friends over."

Here's a video of Jimmy and TeamXLC at the Hard Charge

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