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Bruno Mars Sings With Kai

Jan 23, 2015 -- 7:07am

This will be the most adorable thing you see all day

We're All About That Bass

Jan 20, 2015 -- 12:01pm

No Treble



Belfie Stick

Jan 09, 2015 -- 5:17am

The rise of the belfie (that’s a selfie of your butt, in case you were wondering) has inspired the creators of photo-based social networking site to produce the Belfie Stick, a contraption designed to make it easier for butt-pic fans to take pics of their butt.

Oh Farrah.....

Jan 07, 2015 -- 6:24am

No, a backdoor didn't smack Farrah Abraham in the face ... she got what could well be the worst lip injections in the annals of medical history.

Jimmy was on to something yesterday.....

Jan 07, 2015 -- 6:21am

It appears as if Jimmy Novak has been right this entire time,Arizona’s Department of Transportation posted a photo on Facebook suggesting a family of ‘six sasquatches’ might be living in rural Arizona. 

It's Bigfoot!

Jan 06, 2015 -- 8:12am

Our very own Jimmy Novak has SOLID evidence that bigfoot is real

Top Ten Reasons Men "Tune Out"

Dec 17, 2014 -- 8:09am

In case you 'tuned out' this morning, Lisa discussed the top 10 reasons men tune out and how long it takes them

There are certain topics that make men tune out and it only takes 6 minutes.  Here, we visit the top 10 topics that make a man’s brain shut down.

Most couples have communication issues.  Knowing what makes a man tune out may make it easier to communicate with one.

A new study proves to the world that men tune out after 6 minutes.  These are reasons that help him to do just that.

1.  When you talk about people he’s never met.

2.  When you talk about coworkers and other work issues.

3.  Talking about celebrities will make a man tune out.  Especially when women talk about reality stars.

4.  Fashion and shopping

5.  Talking about other peoples relationships will drive a wedge between you and your man.

6.  What someone said or did on Facebook.

7.  Horoscopes.

8.  What you had for lunch will not matter to your man, so don’t discuss it.

9.  Unfortunatly, your feelings will bore a man.

10.  Dieting.


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