Big Sandwich Tuesday is a tradition celebrated across the U.S!

Tommy B here and it’s my favorite day of the week on the #JimmyandLisaMorningShow. It’s “Big Sandwich Tuesday” or as we call it #BST! Every Tuesday Jimmy Novak brings in homemade giant sub sandwiches, and little did we know #BST is celebrated across the country!

Over the weekend I went to a wedding for a pal I’ve known since high school. I was able to catch up with old friends from around the country, and to my surprise I was asked over TEN times about #BST! I couldn’t believe it, people from California to New York are looking forward to this weekly tradition! Check out this mammoth meatball sub from this morning…


Do you have a weekly food tradition? Meatloaf night? Pizza night? Big Sandwich Tuesday? Comment below and join the weekly “Big Sandwich Tuesday” tradition by using the hash tag #BST!



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